Our Services

We elevate strategic thinking and idea generation in organizations. When executives want to bring fresh ideas and clear visions into their enterprises, they may find that they do not have enough innovation leaders on staff to guide their teams from ideas through action. We then design and run initiatives for them. We work in six-month engagements, tackling and solving pivotal issues. In short, we do these four things:

  1. Identify, assess, and propose new opportunities for business growth.
  2. Organize internal teams to generate ideas for new products and services, and then shepherd those ideas into action.
  3. Set audacious yet achievable goals for each initiative.
  4. Teach strategic thinking and innovation design skills that will raise the professional capabilities of each client's team members.

We blend strategy, project management, creative design, and personal guidance.

When to Hire Us

Leaders hire us to serve as a thoughtful confidant, an experienced advisor, and a creative spark. When you work with us, you extend your portfolio of executive skills. The six-month engagement blocks give you a flexible "special teams" player who is readily on call to guide, teach, advise, encourage, and lead.

As partners who work closely with each client, we value ethical and collaborative decision-making, creativity, curiosity, commitment, clear communications, and friendly and encouraging relationships with our clients.

If you are planning a weekend retreat or other short-term project, we will consider serving as a facilitator or project leader. Through this approach, you can get to know us and build new capabilities quickly. We can decide afterwards whether to engage in a six-month role for your organization.

When Not to Hire Us

If you are a brand-new organization, set up your infrastructure and build a market base. Return to us when these fundamentals are in place and you are ready to elevate your business.

How to Start

Contact us to arrange a conversation with our founder, Bryan Richards. Simply write to us at design@aspenimpact.com or call us at 317.826.8520 to introduce yourself.

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