Urban garden storefront - Vancouver, Canada
Real estate - Westlake Village, California
Art show for the visually impaired - Indianapolis, Indiana
Art Institute - Chicago, Illinois
Hidden Valley - Thousand Oaks, California
Performing arts - Indianapolis, Indiana
Urban development - Detroit, Michigan
Ideation for a brighter tomorrow - Indianapolis, Indiana
Vibrant city life - Hong Kong, China
Pauley Pavilion basketball stadium - Westwood, California
University of British Columbia -  Vancouver, Canada
Headquarters - Indianapolis, Indiana
Sister City outreach - Cologne, Germany
Ideation session - Carmel, Indiana
Cultural Trail - Indianapolis, Indiana
Philanthropy on a train - Ajmer, India
Rural retreat setting - Martinsville, Indiana
ArtMix studio - Indianapolis, Indiana
Orbis Flying Hospital - Anywhere in the world
Fresh produce - Montreal, Canada
Envisioning the future of a city - Indianapolis, Indiana
Bucolic village life - Wernfels, Germany
Celebrating the arts - Indianapolis, Indiana
Farmland with divine view - Mooresville, Indiana
Entrepreneurial finance - Hangzhou, China
City leadership - Indianapolis, Indiana
Efficient transit - Zurich, Switzerland
Colorful urban design - Istanbul, Turkey
Bringing friendship to foster care - Martinsville, Indiana
Asset mapping and marketing - Indianapolis, Indiana
University life - Beijing, China
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